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Again.. what?

ok so this time i had the same storyline in a new dream, this time i was hunting the chick/ninja/daddy.  i had a light this time, and it was good too because it was very dark, but right when i was going to  deliver my final blow, and destroy her i was killed. she picked me up, and stabbed me with a giant needle on her arm. she had a cage on her back and some random thing, it looked like a giant canaster to supply air. im guessing the cage is to carry around little sisters? i dont really know. but i still have this character in my head, so like all good artists should, im going to draw her.

Wierd Dream

wierdest dream yet.. I would have told you earlyer but I was still having it ok here goes..

I was playing bioshock but it was different I was a big daddy like a real one with a drill but I could also use plasmids. Then when it came to little sisters I could let them come with me, they could help me and get me atom. I could also take one from other big daddys. Then the end came and I saw a different kind of big daddy it looked more like a girl, one giant red eye on it's helmit and like skin tight clothing. It was more like a ninja I guess but then it had this giant needle on it's left arm.. Then I woke up and we were at the airport.. Like huh? So confusing. Can't get the ninja out of my head well keep you posted


Woot! its the weekend!  got some awsome stuff. found oiut that im really into korean music so i found some cool links  

this artist name is T.J. Copy very cool and fun!

name is Brunch very great band!

  just a taste of where my head is at

hello from the programing club

hey guys. i guess today has been very awesome and fun!  i don't quite know what has been going on since christmas break, ive been in a deep funk, but now Im back. and better then i was. so today im in programing club and having fun hanging out with josh, asher, and byron (programing geeks) vey hilarious people also some links! got on deviant art and found some awsome pics. first we have mario kart icons.


so they are cool, also this awsome picture

mona in mario kart. very iteresting concept i think.

 so yea its a sunny day  and very nice out.  

*feels like it souns boring*
 so haha  im going home so i will end ths here.


hey im here!

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